STEP Scholarship Process

Student Trafficking Education Project

STEP Scholarship Process: Keep track of hours & submit proof

1.    Download Hope4Justice STEP form to keep track of hours spent on each trafficking awareness activity.

2.    Collect proof: Take pictures or video of your activity; be sure that you are in the picture/video!  Alternatively or in addition, keep online, electronic or printed evidence of your activity.  Submit pics/video/electronic/print proof  to

3.    Have supervisory (unrelated) adult sign off for each awareness activity.

4.    Signed form and pictures/video/other documentation must be received by Hope4Justice, 600 Front St., #765, Lynden, WA 98264 by submission deadline of April 15.

Note:  It’s not required and it won’t increase your chances of winning but we’d love to attend your activity and/or publicize it … just because we like letting our community know about your great anti-trafficking efforts.   Let us know as far as possible in advance of your activity by emailing us at