STEP Frequently Asked Questions

Student Trafficking Education Project

“STEP” Scholarship: FAQs

Will completion of more than 20 hours of trafficking awareness activities increase my chances of winning this scholarship?  YES!  More than 20 hours increases the chance of being selected for the STEP scholarship.

Will it increase my chances of winning if I have lots of people attend my activity?  YES.  The more people that are impacted by your awareness activity, the better! 

Can some or all of my anti-trafficking awareness activities be part of a class project?  YES. 

Can several anti-trafficking activities add up to the 20 or more minimum hours required?  YES.  Do one or more activities -- as long as your hours add up to at least 20 or more hours.

 Can I hold a fund raiser for a group involved in fighting human trafficking?  A fund raiser is not automatically an awareness activity and those hours may not qualify.  The STEP scholarship is awarded for activities that increase AWARENESS of human trafficking.  The key question to ask is: “Does my activity make more people aware of one or more aspects of human trafficking?”

 What are some examples of eligible “trafficking awareness activities”? 

Give a class presentation -- Host an anti-trafficking movie night with sign-in sheet, discussion, and written reflection -- Create an anti-trafficking art display.  Invite response/feedback -- Organize a guest speaker for group event -- Create a video & post on social media -- Volunteer at the Hope4Justice NW Washington Fair Booth -- Be creative!  Think of your own ideas! 

 Does Hope4Justice need to approve of my anti-trafficking activity before I do it?  NO.  However, we highly recommend that you discuss your ideas and plans with parents/school officials/other supervisory adults in charge before starting work on your activity.

Is the STEP scholarship limited to awareness about one specific type of human trafficking? NO.  Awareness activities may be any kind of human trafficking in the United States or in the world.

Can my parent/guardian sign off on the Hope4Justice STEP verification form?  NO.

Do I have to complete all 20 hours during my senior year of high school or a single year of college?  NO.  Hours may be accumulated throughout multiple grades of high school or college.  Whatcom Community College applicants must be currently enrolled at WCC.  All awareness activities must have taken place while a student at WCC.  Western Washington University applicant must be currently enrolled at WWU.  All awareness activities must have taken place while a student at WWU.

Who can I contact for more information?  Email Hope4Justice at

Are my anti-trafficking awareness activities sponsored by or part of Hope4Justice? NO!  Students choose and carry out anti-trafficking awareness activities totally on their own, independent of Hope4Justice.  Hope4Justice is not liable or directly or indirectly responsible for any activity you choose or do.  Student(s) do not represent Hope4Justice and may not use the name or logo of Hope4Justice.