"Helping to Slave-Proof" Children Overseas

Sponsorships help "slave-proof" vulnerable children overseas

Child sponsorships go hand-in-hand with anti-trafficking efforts

Do you sponsor or have you considered sponsoring a needy child in a country overseas?  Child sponsorship programs provide the basic necessities of food, health care, education, and caring relationships.  It has been found that education in particular is a vital component of  "slave-proofing" vulnerable children.  It is the key to overcoming poverty by providing children with other opportunities so they and their families aren't lured into trafficking situations.  

Caitlin Sakuma, Donor Relations Manager of Childcare Worldwide, a Bellingham based sponsorship ministry, explains her first-hand experience in seeing how a caring sponsorship makes a difference in the life of a child:  "I was recently in Uganda visiting Childcare Worldwide’s programs. While there, I had the opportunity to speak with Justine, a young woman who graduated from our sponsorship program. I asked her what she thought her life would be like if she hadn’t been sponsored.  “I don’t want to think about it,” she said. “It would be miserable – that’s all I can say. I would be living in the village. I don’t know…I would probably be married off by now.”

Thankfully, Justine was sponsored, which allowed her to complete her education. She graduated in 2016 with a diploma in nursing! Today, she runs her own drug store. As she gains more experience she plans to turn it into a full clinic, and wants to specialize in midwifery.  
What a different life, than the one Justine imagined without sponsorship! Childcare Worldwide is headquartered here in Whatcom County, but we work globally in some of the world’s poorest countries to help young people like Justine thrive.

We are not an anti-trafficking organization, but our mission is related. We are in the business of bringing hope to struggling children. If we can bring hope to a child, remove the obstacles that prevent them from succeeding, and empower them with choices for their future, we can prevent the desperate circumstances that lead to trafficking in the first place.  At Childcare Worldwide, we believe every child deserves to know the freedom and hope that only comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. And we’re committed to ensuring children live in conditions that allow them to thrive and grow in their faith.
Ours is a small role in the anti-trafficking story, but for kids like Justine it makes all the difference. Justine was sponsored when she was just nine years old, still in primary school. 
The patterns of desperation, violence, and abuse that trapped many other young girls in her village never had the chance to take hold in Justine’s life. Because she was in school with her basic needs met, Justine was never at risk of being trafficked the same way they were.

If you would like to join us in our role of preventing the desperate circumstances that can lead to human trafficking, consider 
sponsoring a child today. Justine is empowered and free because of the opportunities provided by her sponsors. But there are many more children waiting for those same opportunities!"

If you're already a sponsor, you may not have realized how that support helps to slave-proof a child.  Isn't it great when your donation helps in multiple ways? 

If you don't yet sponsor a child, you might consider this as a way of getting involved in the anti-trafficking fight.  Check out Childcare WorldwideCompassion InternationalWorld VisionHer Future Coalition, or other reputable organizations that offer opportunities to help vulnerable children.  It's a chance to be a blessing and be blessed at the same time!

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