Document for Public Meeting 3/21/2017

Hope4Justice Community Sectors Model for Involvement

What Hope4Justice is doing, what others are doing and new ideas for fighting trafficking in each of the seven sectors of Whatcom County (Brainstorming at public meetings on 2/21/17 & 3/21/17)

Sectors: Education, Law Enforcement, Community Groups, Businesses, Government, Faith Community, Social & Health Services

Note: Whatcom County Task Force on Trafficking is an invite-only group of professionals developing policy and procedures.  Hope4Justice has not been invited to meetings (and it probably wouldn’t make sense for us to be part of regular meetings), however H4J is on the task force email list for announcements, trainings, etc.

1.      Education Sector

a.      Hope4Justice

        i.      $1000 STEP scholarships – Opportunity offered to Whatcom County high schools, WCC, WWU.  Must follow guidelines (available on H4J website)

       ii.      Deceptions curriculum – have presented, would need updating

b.      Others

       i.      Legacy organization (Seattle curriculum)

c.       Ideas

       i.      Lobby SPI

1.      Chris Lease or others with hands on experience help promote?

       ii.      Promote to youth groups

      iii.      Training for youth group leaders

       iv.      Training for school counselors, teachers, staff

        v.      PTO’s

 2.      Law Enforcement Sector

a.      Hope4Justice

        i.      Have had Chris Lease as speaker.  Have him or others come again.

b.      Others   

c.       Ideas

         i.      Educate law enforcement that H4J exists & stay in contact

        ii.      Contact law enforcement to help figure out the best way to address each sector

        iii.     Specifically how to break down tasks to make work manageable

3.      Community Groups Sector

a.      Hope4Justice

b.      Others   

c.       Ideas

4.      Business Sector

a.      Hope4Justice                                                         

b.      Others

c.       Ideas

5.      Government Sector

a.      Hope4Justice                                                               

b.      Others

c.       Ideas

6.      Faith Community Sector

a.      Hope4Justice

b.      Others

c.       Ideas

7.      Social & Health Services Sector

a.      Hope4Justice

b.      Others 

c.       Ideas

Documents for Public Meeting 2/22/17

Hope 4 Justice seeks to work in collaboration with seven primary sectors within Whatcom County as part of a team effort in the fight against human trafficking in our seven-city county to achieve our mission to abolish human trafficking through awareness, advocacy and intervention efforts. We welcome and invite representatives from each sector to join us in all of our activities, events, and meetings. Together we are better!


•         GOVERNMENT



•         BUSINESSES

•         EDUCATION


H4J March 1, 2017 Event Contacts By Sector


OrganizationContact NameContact EmailContact Phone 


 Law Enforcement

OrganizationContact NameContact EmailContact Phone 

Bellingham Police Dept.Chief Clifford 778-8800


Everson Police Dept.Chief Dan McPheemthompson@ci.everson.wa.us360 966-4212

Lynden Police Dept.Holly Vegalyndenpd@lyndenwa.org360 354-2828

 Chief Foster  

Sumas Police Dept.Chief Chris 988-5711

Whatcom County Sheriff's Dept.Cheryl Bajemabajemafam@comcast.net360 354-5014

Faith Community


OrganizationContact NameContact EmailContact Phone 

Bellingham Covenant ChurchPastor Paul Petersen  

Bellingham Interfaith Coalition info@interfaith-coalition.org360.734.3983


CornwallPastor Bob  

CTK DowntownPastor Rob  


Fountain Community ChurchRick 

Good News Fellowship   

Grace Bible Church  360.734.5524

HillcrestDan Persley  

Monday Morning Prayer Program   

MosiacGrant Driver  

Northlake Community Church   

Sacred Heart   

The BridgeMarie Tillis  



OrganizationContact NameContact EmailContact Phone 

Whatcom County Council council@co.whatcom.wa.us360.778.5010

Whatcom County ExecutiveSuzanne Mildnersmildner@co.whatcom.wa.us360.778.5211

Bellingham City CouncilPinky Vargas  

Bellingham City CouncilMarie Marchandmmmarchand@cob.org360.778.8202

Bellingham MayorKelli Linvillemayorsoffice@cob.org360.778.8100

Sumas MayorBob Bromley  

Everson MayorJohn Perry  

Nooksack MayorJim Ackerman  



OrganizationContact NameContact EmailContact Phone 

WindermereKurt /Lani Swanson  

Ryan & Jarvis Real Estate TeamStacy/Ryan   

FaithLifeTaylor Bloomquist  



SuperfeetChris Wickham  

Bethany Adoption Agency   


Thrive Business Group   

 Community Groups  


OrganizationContact NameContact EmailContact Phone 

Opportunity CounsilGreg 

Bridgid CollinsBryon 

ReboundTyler Mitchel  

 Jennifer Tiegrob  

Skookum KidsRay Deck III  

Cascade Connections   

Royal Family Kids CampKim Smith