Rebound Prayer Request

Pray for the success of a Roots' Dad who's currently in treatment for addiction.

Pray for all the volunteers this quarter that they would be dedicated and committed to the families that they are serving through our programing.

Pray for strength for a parent who is waiting for his child to be returned home. There have been changes in social workers and many unnecessary roadblocks. Pray he is able to persevere through these challenges. 

Prayer for all the details to come together as we begin preparations for 2017 Ray of Hope.

Prayer that planning for our March 10th event, Cups of Hope, will go smoothly and reap a good return on the effort.  Praise for the generosity of Woods Coffee for making the event possible!

Pray for parents who are struggling with addiction issues.

For parents who are searching for housing in Whatcom County, specifically fathers. Fathers have fewer opportunities than mothers when it comes to housing.

Pray for a Rebound Dad who is working hard to regain custody of his child, and for a successful reunification and transition.

Praise for another Rebound Dad who is making great strides. Pray for him as he starts a new job this week, that it would help bring stability for his family.

For the Rebound staff as we have begun preparations for Ray of Hope. Pray for God's favor on our team and that the buildup to Ray of Hope would go smoothly.

Pray for a single Mom wanting to rent a house for her and her 4 children. They are living in an apartment and would like to have a house with a yard for the kids.

Pray for our team as we interview and assess candidates to work as counselors at Ray of Hope.