IJM Prayer Requests

“But I will rescue you on that day, declares the LORD; you will not be given into the hands of those you fear.”— Jeremiah 39:17


  • We thank God for delivering a widow and her three children from the hands of a violent relative who had tried to force them from their home in Uganda. The man was convicted at last after going into hiding and refusing to show up for trial on multiple occasions. We pray that he would move toward true repentance while serving his sentence. IJM’s lawyer sat beside the widow when the conviction verdict was read, and shared that “She was happy. The perpetrator knows now that the law actually worked. It was a good moment.” Continue to pray for this widow as she continues to work hard to support her family.

Latin America

  • Pray for local authorities, and for IJM advocates in particular, in the Latin America region. Pray that God will grant them wisdom and continue moving their hearts towards seeking justice for the most vulnerable: children who are sexually assaulted or trafficked for sexual exploitation. Pray that local authorities’ hearts would be moved to devote their time, commitment, resources and efforts to protect and restore these children, their families and their communities.

South Asia

  • Praise God for 850+ survivors of bonded labor slavery who just graduated from our aftercare program! These families were rescued from brutal brick kilns two years ago, and recently we asked you to pray for them as they prepared to complete their IJM journey and live fully independently. Last weekend, our team put together a joy-filled celebration to review all that these survivors had learned and to equip them for the future. They even elected leaders amongst themselves to help ensure families stay safe and maintain their freedom. Continue to pray for their restoration, but join us in praise this week for all they’ve already accomplished!

Southeast Asia

  • Pray for IJM’s newest team in Bangkok. IJM Bangkok will support Thai authorities to combat labor trafficking in the seafood industry . Ask God to grant the IJM team wisdom and favor as we build relationships with partners. Pray that we would be able to protect people who are being forced to work on fishing vessels.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM has partner offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.K.

  • Please join us in praising God for the 2,700+ churches around the world that participated in Freedom Sunday last weekend! Thank God for this incredible movement of churches standing up to seek justice for the poor and the oppressed, and ask Him to give the pastors, volunteers and attendees a sense of joy and determination to continue the fight against slavery in the days to come.
  • Please continue to pray as we recruit for a Vice President of Global Partnerships. IJM is seeking a senior executive to operate at a level of a global statesmanship in representing IJM’s thought leadership at the highest levels of government, multi-lateral institutions, academia, development institutions and religious societies. This role will also serve as the operational lead of global team in marshalling IJM’s intellectual assets and influence to fundamentally transform the way the world’s most influential institutions prioritize and fund programs to stop violence against the poor in the developing world.