Rebound Prayer Requests

Prayers are appreciated for our Hope Supply Drive that kicks off this week, providing an opportunity for the community of believers in Whatcom County to participate, in a small way to support Rebound's Ray of Hope Summer Program.  Please pray that local churches will agree to participate in the Hope Supply Drive and rally to support this important mission by investing into the lives of some of the County's most struggling kids.

Please pray for homeless families who are looking for an affordable place to rent.  We are working with several who are in this situation.  The need is great, but the answers are few.

Pray for families who are trying to improve their lives in order to get their children out of foster care.

Please pray for our Spring Quarter Roots Family Enrichment Program, that many more new families will join us.

For our upcoming Ray of Hope Summer Day Program, that site selection and licensing will go smoothly and that God will open doors for parents and children whose lives would benefit from participating.

Please pray for favorable outcomes from the many grants we are writing in this grant-writing season.  Rebound relies greatly on Foundation funding to continue our programs' important work in our community.