IJM Prayer Requests

Sing to the Lord! Give praise to the Lord! He rescues the life of the needy from the hands of the wicked.”

— Jeremiah 20:13


  • Pray for four boys who were victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by the owner of a children’s home where they lived in Kenya. Two of the boys testified in court about the abuse this week, and the other two will testify in May. Please pray for strength and comfort for these children as they share about the abuse they suffered at the hands of someone who should have been protecting them. Pray that the truth will be clear and that the perpetrator will be held accountable for his crimes.

Latin America

  • Today we invite you to celebrate with us because God answered our prayers! Last month we asked you to pray for Jeremías*, a survivor of sexual violence in Bolivia. He and his family have experienced much pain and sorrow, not only with the abuse he suffered, but also with the loss of his younger brother in a bike accident early in February. Praise God that justice has been served and the man who drugged and raped Jeremías has been convicted and sentenced to six years in prison. He can no longer hurt Jeremías or other children like him. Continue praying for Jeremías and his family — for peace and healing as they mourn the loss of his brother, and that they will be able to continue with their lives knowing that this man can’t hurt them anymore.

South Asia

  • Please pray for smooth logistics and creativity as our team helps build crisis counseling centers at several shelters for survivors of sex trafficking. These crisis centers will provide medical care, trauma counseling and administrative support to girls in the first hours and days after they are rescued. In building these centers, we are exploring new ways to collaborate closely with the government and improve how all survivors are supported in aftercare even if IJM was not involved in their rescue. Pray these first few centers would be a successful model that can be replicated in other cities.

Southeast Asia

  • Join us in thanking God for successful rescue operations in the Philippines! In a span of four days, IJM supported Philippine law enforcement units in conducting three operations and rescuing 13 victims of cybersex trafficking. The youngest victim was only four years old. Cybersex trafficking is a dark crime, only made possible by the digital age. Pedophiles located around the world can pay to watch and direct live sexual abuse of young boys and girls online, and victims can be exploited anywhere with just a computer and a webcam. The traumatic effects on children are devastating. Pray for these 13 rescued survivors — and the social workers who are caring for them — as they begin their journeys to healing.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM has partner offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.K.

  • This week, IJM staff are traveling to the Vatican to present about IJM’s work at the Ethics in Action forum on Slavery & Human Trafficking, an event for global religious leaders organized by Jeffrey Sachs — an international development expert. Please pray for IJM staff to build great relationships with religious leaders from around the world.