IJM Prayer Requests

“Then we cried out to the Lord, the God of our ancestors, and the Lord heard our voice and saw our misery, toil and oppression.”

— Deuteronomy 26:7


  • Pray for our team in Western Uganda that is working to support and coach government partners as they respond to cases of child sexual assault. The IJM team is small, but has provided trainings and advice to equip police and social welfare officers with the tools they need to better serve the remote communities where they work. Pray for energy for the IJM staff, and for encouragement for our partners there as they apply what they’ve learned to help young children and their families.

Latin America

  • On May 28, the Vice-Presidency of the Dominican Republic awarded Doña Evelyn* a “mother of value” award, which recognizes women who overcome obstacles. Her daughter is a sex trafficking survivor. Doña Evelyn and her husband have faithfully and relentlessly sought justice for their daughter, and with IJM’s support they have overcome many trials. But a few weeks ago, the judge overseeing the case declared the men who allegedly raped her and sold her to other men for sex “not guilty.” Please pray for Evelyn and her family so they won’t get weary in this process. Pray for God’s favor and grace over them and our team as we appeal the prosecutor’s decision.

South Asia

  • Praise God for a string of rescue operations this week that freed several families from bonded labor slavery. IJM worked with a brand-new government official who led all three operations on his first days in office. All of these families had been suffering for years in local brick kilns and had faced disturbing physical, verbal and emotional abuse. And after they were safe, this lead official also closed down 10 nearby brick kilns that were operating illegally. Praise God for his proactivity and understanding of modern-day slavery, and pray for these families recovering today.

Southeast Asia

  • Please pray for the IJM team in Northern Thailand advocating for access to citizenship on behalf of hundreds of thousands of stateless people living in the region. Though these people have a legal right to citizenship or legal status, they have not historically been recognized as Thai people. The team is spending intensive time in the Mae Hong Son province in the northern part of the country to survey stateless people living in villages and districts within the province, train volunteers in each area to help people in their district apply for the legal status they are eligible for and support government officials to champion these rights for stateless people living in their jurisdictions.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM has partner offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.K.

  • Praise God for the 101 new staff members, interns and fellows who will be joining us for orientation at IJM Headquarters this week!Thank God for bringing these talented women and men to join our team, and pray for creativity and strength as they begin their work. In particular, please pray for the team members who will be moving to the field for their positions. Pray for smooth logistics and physical and emotional stamina as they travel and arrive in the field.