IJM Prayer Request

“I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy. ”

— Psalm 140:12


  • Pray for Catherine, a widow in Uganda, whose land was stolen from her by a gang of violent men. After years of threats, the gang attacked Catherine’s family in 2012, further threatening them and stealing from them. The next day the police arrested 12 of the suspects, and a criminal case was filed. IJM learned about her story and launched a civil case to win her the right to her land. Six years later, both cases are still ongoing. Next week there will be a hearing in the civil case. Pray for a quick resolution that will clearly give Catherine the right to the land she inherited from her husband.

Latin America

  • Praise the Lord for open doors in the Dominican Republic, where IJM has the opportunity to escalate our work of rescuing, protecting and restoring survivors of sex trafficking to a national level. Late last year, the Interinstitutional Commission against Human Trafficking invited our team to participate in creating a National Plan against Human Trafficking! Pray that IJM’s recommendations would be taken into account as they develop this plan. Pray for this Commission’s work to create an effective and successful plan to protect Dominican children from the brutal violence of sex trafficking.

South Asia

  • Please pray for health and happiness as one teen survivor of sex trafficking competes in a field hockey tournament this week. Since her rescue from a brothel several years ago, she has started playing on the field hockey team, working and training her hardest to help the team succeed. Pray this tournament would be a joyful experience where she gains confidence and friendships and that it ultimately contributes to her overall recovery. (And pray she wins!)

Southeast Asia

  • Pray for the IJM teams seeking to rescue victims trafficked into Thailand’s fishing industry. Pray also for favor and wisdom as the team builds relationships with police and prosecutors in both Thailand and Cambodia (where many of the traffickers target victims). Pray that we would see an end to modern slavery in this industry.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM has partner offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.K.

  • Please pray as we plan and prepare for Liberate, a global gathering to end slavery. The September event in Dallas, TX, will include all of IJM’s global staff and our family of supporters — our largest gathering ever. Pray that God would begin drawing together attendees who are deeply invested in the fight against slavery and are ready to further the movement to end it.