Rebound Prayer Requests

Pray for a father and son who recently lost the boy's mother to an apparent drug overdose. For peace and comfort, and positivity moving forward.

For the families we serve who are homeless; one of them is currently living in a garage. Several in the community have helped her with some furniture and now she is need of a dependable vehicle as the one she is driving is not going to last very long.  Also pray for two young siblings who are living in a car - that housing will become available to them soon.

Pray that our Ray of Hope Summer Day program will find a suitable location for 2018.  We need to find an alternative location to stage Ray of Hope for 80 children and 30 staff and need prayers that the right place with the right accommodations become available at the right time.  

Pray also for our application process - that parents will see the positive results Ray of Hope has had in many children's lives and apply to send their children to our camp this year as we plan to increase the number of children we are accepting. 

For a mother who has experienced domestic violence, and is still fearful of her ex-husband.  Pray for safety for her and her children, and for supportive people to be put in her life to help her through legal issues she is facing.

Pray for the Rebound staff and families who are battling the sickness that is going around.