Rebound Prayer Request

Please pray for the homeless who are in need of shelter in this cold weather.

For a single mom with 2 kids - she has a housing voucher but needs to come up with the remainder of the deposit required to move in.

Please pray for a young woman who suffers from ongoing alcohol addiction which causes her to lose employment, and housing.  For healing from this addiction, and for a new chance at living a normal life.

For the families that are struggling to provide Christmas for their family.

Please pray for a young man (20) who is caring for his sister (17 with severe epilepsy). They are living in a car that no longer has a working battery. They have applied for housing through the Opportunity Council and Northwest Youth Services, but getting housing takes time. We have a donor that will provide Christmas Dinner and a few presents they need.What they need most is somewhere to sleep that is warm, a place they can feel safe.  Having one of our Roots parents recently pass away due to exposure, this weighs heavily on our hearts that these two young people are unable to get assistance. Please pray for safe warm place to stay and that they feel peace soon.

Rebound wants to thank the generous help provided for the Mom with twins. They are doing much better, both Mom and the babies,

Praise the Lord for the successful Community Toy Store again this year,

Please continue to pray for the financial viability of our organization with the year end giving season coming upon us.  Although there are many worthy nonprofits to support, especially in Whatcom County, Rebound is one that we'd ask people to prayerfully consider when deciding which ministry to support.  We are always thankful for every donation, large or small and give thanks to God for every person who chooses to support our work to connect, empower and restore vulnerable children and families. 

Thanks for all the generous donors and supporters of Rebound this year. A lot of changes with staff and programs yet they have remained faithful with their contributions!