We have  been so blessed to partner with a whole host of individuals, local, regional, and national partners to make these different events happen. Sometimes we are pitching in on their idea, sometimes they are pitching in with us.

Collaboration strengthens our efforts towards awareness and change.  Some were small and simple, others were major undertakings but we believe that all of them make a difference in the fight against human trafficking!

Date            Activity

– 2015 –

10/2015               Presentation to Social Justice in Nursing class at WWU

10/2015               Hope4Justice Prayer Team begins

9/2015                 3rd annual Run4Refuge to benefit Engedi Refuge

8/2015                 NW WA Fair booth on ethical consumerism

7/2015                 Served dinner to Rebound campers and their families

6/2015                 Local mission trip assisting camp staff at Rebound’s Ray of Hope

5/2015                  Served dinner to Rebound families

5/2015                 Awareness presentation at Whatcom Community College

3/2015                  Ethical Consumerism Workshop using Free2Work website

3/2015                  Launch of STEP (Student Trafficking Education Project) Scholarship

2/2015                  Created video and organized documents for STEP Scholarship

2/2015                  Helped with Whatcom Community College “Not in Our Community” event

2/2015                  Served dinner to Rebound families

– 2014 –

12/2014                St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Bazaar (Products made by survivors)

11/2014                 BCC Craft Fair Sales (Products made by survivors)

10/2014                Hosted Aaron Newcomb/Engedi presentation at monthly meeting

10/2014                Table at CTK Ministry Fair

9/2014                  Hope4Justice commercial on local Comcast during sporting events

9/2014                  Run4Refuge

8/2014                  NW Washington Fair booth

7/2014                  Served dinner to Rebound families

7/2014                  Filming of commercial and interview with Jake Locker

6/2014                  WCC presentation (Anthropology class)

4/2014                  Hosts for AWARE event/Deceptions curriculum at CTK

4/2014                  WCC presentation (Sociology class)

3/2014                  WCC presentation (Anthropology class)

2/2014                  Rape for Profit showing/discussion

2/2014                  Dark Side of Chocolate showing/discussion

1/2014                  The SOLD Experience

1/2014                  Assist with shoe drive for Haiti/Engedi(NCCTK sponsored)

– 2013 –

12/2013                St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Bazaar sales of products made by survivors

11/2013                 BCC Craft Fair sales (products made by survivors)

11/2013                  Served dinner to Rebound families

11/2013                  WWU presentation (Anthropology class)

11/2013                  WCAT presentation

10/2013                 WCC presentation (Sociology class)

10/2013                 Youth Dynamics – Deceptions presentation

9/2013                  CTK Ministry Fair

9/2013                  Run4Refuge fun run/walk

8/2013                  NW Washington Fair booth

7/2013                  Everson Festival sales (products made by survivors)

7/2013                  Lynden Noon Kiwanis presentation

6/2013                  Lynden Curves sales of products made by survivors

5/2013                  WCC presentation (Sociology class)

5/2013                  WWU presentation (Anthropology class)

5/2013                  NVMS Breakout student mentoring

4/2013                  Nooksack Valley Middle School: Deceptions presentation to 120 8th graders

4/2013                  DMST presentation at Whatcom Pregnancy Center

3/2013                  Practice presentations of Deceptions

3/2013                  “Stock the Pantry” Drive for Engedi

2/2013                  Women of Whatcom Sales

2/2013                  Freedom Sunday

1/2013                  DMST/Deceptions/Illusions presentation at Silverdale, WA

1/2013                  CTK Ministry fair

– 2012 –

12/2012                Curves craft fair sales

12/2012                St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Bazaar sales of products made by survivors

11/2012                 BCC craft fair sales

11/2012                 WWU presentation (Human Services class)

10/2012                Dark Side of Chocolate showing/discussion

10/2012                TEN home party & product sales (Lundstrom)

9/2012                 Deceptions training (10 people)

8/2012                 NW Washington Fair booth

7/2012                 Everson Festival sales (products made by survivors)

6/2012                 NVHS Sr. Project Student mentorship

5/2012                 WCC presentation (Soc. class)

5/2012                  Poster Plaster

5/2012                  NVMS Breakout student mentor

5/2012                  DMST presentation

4/2012                  Free2Work presentation

3/2012                  Slavery Map presentation

2/2012                  Dark Side of Chocolate showing/discussion

2/2012                  Freedom Sunday