When tragedy strikes, traffickers take advantage

How Shared Hope International is helping to prevent trafficking of Hurricane Harvey victims 

The unfolding tragedy in Texas has shown how people can and will step up to work together, care for each other, and link arms to get through a crisis.  In the last several days there have been hundreds of rescues and acts of goodwill as well as the mobilization of an army of helpers on its way to Texas. 

However, there are also people that will take advantage of victims in vulnerable situations.  An email from Shared Hope International reminded readers that, "Traffickers are responding to the tragedy in Texas, too. They prey on the vulnerable and hurting. Natural disasters present prime opportunity to exploit the need for shelter, clothing, and food."

Though Shared Hope is not a relief organization, they care about the vulnerable and at-risk women and children and are using their resources to educate and alert relief workers in Texas and spread awareness among survivors.  Shared Hope says:

  1. We have mobilized our Ambassadors who live in the Texas region.
  2. We are providing our Chosen video at no charge to individuals, organizations, churches, and shelters so that relief workers can recognize the signs of sex trafficking and be aware of its dangers.
  3. Doors are open for us to spread the word and protect the vulnerable. By God’s grace, we have many established relationships in Texas — with law enforcement and legislators. In fact, Governor Abbott received our Path Breaker award in 2011 for his leadership in the fight against sex trafficking.


Thank goodness for the anti-trafficking groundwork already done in Texas.  Let's pray that any and all efforts of traffickers to take advantage of vulnerable flood victims are recognized and brought to a halt.

Sue Ann

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