How to talk to your kids about slavery

Age appropriate suggestions from 3-18

Jamie Martin's husband works for LOVE 146, an organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation.  Jamie's blog post from 9/15/14 --  though a few years old -- gives great suggestions for age appropriate ways to talk with children about trafficking.

She begins with this recommendation: "Some (children) will be ready for information at an early age, some late. I tend to veer toward the better late than early philosophy – especially when I’m giving advice to so many of you – but you are the expert in your home so adjust as needed."

Referring to when her own children were preschoolers, Jamie says, "Young preschoolers understand three things well: children, home, and family. Use these concepts as the starting point of talking with them about this issue–or any injustice involving other children. When they were this age, Trishna, Jonathan, and Elijah knew that Daddy went to work to help children whose families aren’t able to take care of them and who need a safe home. Adding any other details simply isn’t necessary."

When her children moved into the 6-8 age group, Jamie introduced picture books featuring figures involved in freedom and abolition such as Abraham Lincoln, the Underground Railroad, Martin Luther King, and others. Check out her book list here.  Introducing children to the idea of "how many slaves work for you" by taking the survey at  was also something she felt was appropriate.

Additional suggestions for middle school and high school aged students are given, including how to approach the topic of sex trafficking, how traffickers target vulnerable children, and more. Read the full article HERE.

I found this to be an interesting article from a woman whose husband is involved in the fight!  If you think it's of value, please share with others.
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