Heartbreaking death & suffering

Earlier this summer, on July 23, 2017, headlines from the Allen B. West website told of a "grisly discovery" in San Antonio, Texas, where "Eight people were found dead in a tractor-trailer loaded with at least 30 others outside a Walmart store in Texas’ stifling summer heat in what police are calling a horrific human trafficking case. The driver was arrested."  In addition to the deceased, "Twenty other people in extremely critical or serious condition and eight more with lesser injuries including heat stroke and dehydration were found inside the truck, which didn’t have a working air conditioning system despite blistering temperatures that topped 100 degrees (37 Celsius), authorities said. All were taken to several hospitals."

My heart sank to my toes when I learned about this incident.  What needless suffering and loss.

Today I learned of other deaths.  A family I know lost their infant to SIDS today. Another person lost her long-time friend to a heart attack. Heartbreak and grief are consuming the families and friends of these victims.

Death and suffering greatly impact us and leave us feeling helpless, angry, sad, and/or a myriad of other emotions.  I don't have the so-called "right" words to say or suggested actions to take when suffering and death happen.  I personally draw nearer to God and trust in his promises to be my Comforter.  At some point, I may decide to join in a SIDS research fundraiser or donate to the American Heart Association or take a specific action against human trafficking in memory of the person/persons who died.

For now, I am just sad and am praying for those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones, both nearby and across the country.  If you're a praying person, would you join me?

Sue Ann

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is September 24, 2017

  Soon -- too soon -- it will be September!  With just 7 weeks to go, it's time to plan for Freedom Sunday on September 24, 2017.
International Justice Mission says, "Dedicate Sunday, September 24 to ending slavery. God wants everyone to be free and wants your church to help bring hope and freedom to every enslaved and abused child, woman and man."

It can be as simple as a short two-sentence mention from the pulpit along with a prayer for enslaved people in the world or it can be a full sermon with flyers, a video, companion materials for small groups, and more!

IJM provides a wealth of materials to support your church's approach to Freedom Sunday.  Click here for details.


Hope4Justice public meetings are normally  from 7-8:30 pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month but we're taking off the month of August 2017!

See you in September!