Made In China?

Toys From China made by the hands of young Chinese people toiling in sweatshop conditions.

Per a 2016 Gallup poll Christmas-gift-purchasing Americans said they expected to spend an average of $831, or more on Christmas gifts this year. But there’s a dark side to the enthusiastic holiday gift-buying and giving that most of us do not realize: many of the gifts we purchase to wear, eat, or use daily are made by the hands of young Chinese people toiling in sweatshop conditions.
Using dirt-cheap labor and a massive expansion in capacity China makes more than three-quarters of the world's toys, with an export value of more than 7 billion dollars. Virtually all the familiar Western toy names - led by U.S. giants Disney, Matte, Fisher Price, and Hasbro - are made here.  An investigation with the US-based NGO China Labor Watch reveals that toys during the peak Christmas Season, staff are forced to work till dawn. Imagine that, 6am till to around 3am or 4am, and then you start work at 6am again.  This not forgetting the inadequate wages that they get from all the work done: 700-800 yuan per month even when they work overtime. That is just a meager 100~110 USD. These workers are forced to work overtime or else they would not get their monthly wages.

I wonder if Whatcom County consumers are truly aware of some of the slave-like conditions the toys they are buying for their kids are produced in. The question is, if they were, would it make any difference? After all, it is only by pressure from consumers at the end of the day that will bring any kind of change. Are we all so desperate to save a few dollars that we don’t care how goods are produced? I’d like to believe that most people do care and for considering this moral dilemma in more depth