Human trafficking is happening in Whatcom County

Suspected traffickers were arrested in Bellingham this week.

You may have read about arrests of suspected traffickers in Bellingham, Washington this past week.  Lt. Bob VanderYacht,  spokesman for the Bellingham Police Department, posted information on the City of Bellingham website on Friday, 11/18/16 with the headline, "Local investigation of foot spa leads to arrests."  Click here to read the details. 

One particular sentence in the report caught my attention.  It said, "This investigation began with several tips from the public about acts of prostitution and suspicions of human trafficking occurring in the business."

That's exactly what needs to be done to fight human trafficking -- people reporting suspicious activity to local law enforcement.  When we sense that something is off, when something just doesn't seem right, we need to get involved and make that call. It only takes a few minutes but victims need us to take action on their behalf. 

Let's pray for each of us to sense when something is wrong and report it, for more traffickers to be exposed and arrested, and more victims to be freed.  More, more, more!

Sue Ann

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Offer STEP scholarships to students in your local high school

Are youinterested in preventing minor sex trafficking in Whatcom County?  Do you know a teacher who includes the topic of trafficking in their curriculum and would support a high school student's presentation on the topic?

Join others in your school district to promote the Hope4Justice STEP (Student Trafficking Education Project) scholarships to senior students in your school district.  Contact Sue Ann at for more information.




In January 2017, Hope4Justice will be relaunching in its new capacity as a non-profit 501 (c) (3).  We'll also be scheduling regular meetings, looking at new initiatives, and asking for volunteers to help in new roles.
Watch for more information in the coming weeks!

Rebound of Whatcom County
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What: An evening of fun and celebration, Christmas music and the chance to hear about the experience of a Rebound mom and her kids.
Cost: $50 per person.
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