Anyone can fight trafficking. How can you be part of the fight?

From the facebook page of the Abolitionists Movement come a couple of examples of everyday people using their interests, time, and talents to fight human trafficking.

One is the story about a female photographer who combined a love of riding motorcycles with her photography skills to document the stories of human trafficking survivors.  The article from says, "A photographer making a solo 10,000 mile cross country motorcycle trip stopped in Socorro last week to bring awareness to an issue that may be largely unfamiliar to many — human trafficking.

Her name is Lauren Trantham and her mission is to interview and photograph women across the country who are sex trafficking survivors."  Lauren says, “My goal is to encourage women to celebrate their uniqueness and who they are and what they love,” she said. “Help them love themselves a little more. Work on self-esteem issues.”   (Click here to read the full article.)

A second article on The Abolitionist Movement facebook page is about a group fighting human trafficking through their fly-fishing group!  The author, Ryan Hughes, says, "I know, it’s a little tough to visualize how fly fishing would tie into stopping human trafficking. But that is what makes this organization so unique. The Fly Fishing Collaborative has a whole arsenal of tactics to help their cause."

"In addition to performing direct aid to the homes of these children, the Fly Fishing Collaborative is providing an excellent amount of funding for their cause, through selling hand-crafted fly fishing goods, as well as through providing guided trips. The revenue from these goods and guided trips goes right back into the cause. The money helps pay for their projects at home and abroad, as well as economically support safe-homes that keep children out of harms way."  Read the full article here.

Awesome!  Everyday people using the resources and talents they have to fight trafficking.  That's all it takes.

What skills/interests/talents do you have?  How can you use them to fight trafficking right where you are?
Sue Ann

Want to learn more about the face of modern-day slavery?

Offer STEP scholarships to students in your local high school

Are youinterested in preventing minor sex trafficking in Whatcom County?  Join others in your school district to promote the Hope4Justice STEP (Student Trafficking Education Project) scholarships to your students.  Contact Sue Ann at for more information.

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