Liberty In Style

Great news from Whatcom County, Washington!  It was a fashion show for a purpose as 18 models from ages 19 to 82 years old walked the runway in 40 fall styled looks from Betty Be Good celebrating 5 years at Birch Bay Square.  The Betty Be Good blog reports:

"When 180 people care about a cause they fill the room with love. Betty’s fashion show fundraiser Liberty In Style was more exciting and uplifting than we could have ever imagined as we raised $10,000 for Engedi Refuge and celebrated the 5th anniversary of Betty Be Good at Birch Bay Square.

"The audience was lively and enthusiastic especially when 82 year old model Elizabeth walked down the runway. We heard from many attendees that the styles were so wearable. This show was quite different from the typical runway show where the clothes are unattainable," said Suzanne Smith, Betty Be Good Owner & benefit organizer. 

Emcee Tara Teng, former Miss Canada 2011-2012, brought tears of joy and sorrow throughout the evening with her passion for the cause. "We are here united in a sisterhood for one cause. Don't you love it when women support and love on other women," Teng echoed through the room. 

On final tally, Liberty In Style raised $10,000 for Engedi Refuge which will fund their recovery programs including trauma counselling, case management, housing, and plenty of other support services to rehabilitate survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.  

"Human trafficking breaks my heart over and over again," said Smith. "But nights like this they mend it and give me hope that we can overcome this problem. We can give survivors hope again."

Click here to see pictures and read more at the Betty Be Good blog!

Want to learn more about the face of modern-day slavery? Visit


"Cocoa slaves
battle for justice continues"

 Learn what's going on in the battle of Nestle and Cargill Co. vs. a group of Malians trafficked for forced labor on cocoa farms in Ivory Coast in 2005. says, "In the intervening 13 years the case has been appealed, dismissed, and reinstated several times.  A US federal appeals court has now said in a unanimous decision that the group could proceed with its claims despite the alleged abuses having occurred overseas."

According to, "The case is significant for the plaintiffs’ attempt to secure justice within a country that is not where the slavery in question took place and for attempting to hold the buying company responsible for violations within its supply chain."


Save the date: 

Rebound of Whatcom County'sannual "Comfort & Joy" event happens on Friday, December 7, 2018 from 5:00pm - 9:00pm at Bellingham Technical College's Settlemyer Hall, 3028 Lindbergh Ave., Bellingham, WA

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Thank you to all who donated bras to Free The Girls!


Their website explains: "The surprising reality is that something simple like bras, can be a vehicle for freedom and hope! Bras are a common item in many households around the world. Many bras in good condition are left sitting in drawers. With our unique model, we allow everyday people to make an impact on a trafficking survivor's life! By collecting bras across North America and other parts of the world, we can ship them to our programs in El Salvador, Mozambique, and Costa Rica, and the women in our program can sell them in the market to make a safe and sustainable income."