Northwest Washington Fair: August 15-20, 2016

Our Hope4Justice 2016 Fair Booth theme was “Until All Are Free”

People heard that human trafficking exists locally, nationally and globally and that they can fight human trafficking using 1-2 basic strategies. We stressed that millions of people are trafficked every year, that “everyday people” can make a difference and that increasing awareness is the first step to fight trafficking until all are free!

1.     They can make a difference by learning the signs of a trafficked victim and knowing what the trafficking hot line number is so they can call in a report if needed

2.     They can help by offering a Local STEPs scholarship to students in their schools to encourage peer education about domestic minor sex trafficking.

3.     They can join our efforts by signing up for our weekly Hope4Justice email.

It was a great, face-to-face opportunity to share information about human trafficking with our community.

Our focus in 2015 was on ethical consumerism and fair trade products, encouraging everyone to get involved in the fight against trafficking with their consumer power.

We shared alarming but important facts like...

  • There are 27 million slaves in our world today.  (Newer stats say it is closer to 36 million.)
  • There are 100,000 minors being sold for sex in the US every year.
  • Some of our favorite products are made by companies who make no effort to eliminate slave labor from their supply chains.
  • For example, did you know that H & M got an A- while competitor Forever 21 got a D-.
  • Did you know that Nike has moved from an F to a B largely due to consumer feedback and pressure?
  • The website will help you easily look up the well-researched ratings of the brands you buy.  Our loudest vote is with our purchasing power.