New Day for Children helps survivors of child sex trafficking

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New Day for Children

Offers services for sex trafficked children ages 10-18

The number of organizations providing services for adult survivors of sex trafficking in the United States is fairly small. More are needed.

But there are even fewer long-term restorative care facilities for sex trafficked children -- statistics say only a total of 150 beds total (for both males and females) in the U.S.  Although there are more short term facilities offering services for 60-90 days, the need for long-term care providing time, therapy, and healing is critical.  

I recently talked with Sharon, director of New Day for Children, one of a handful of U.S. organizations serving sex trafficked survivors, ages 10-18.  She became involved in this work after discovering a girl she knew had been sold by her father for sex from age 10 to age 12. 

New Day for Children, "...seeks to recover children caught in the despair of child sex trafficking, and to restore their stolen childhoods. In partnership, New Day for Children provides housing, school, medical and mental health care, horse therapy and more.  Working with law enforcement, other faith based community organizations and families, we provide for the needs of American girls ages 10 to 18 suffering from the desperation of human trafficking."

Located in a remote area of California the girls at New Day for Children "...go on fun outings, learn to cook together, do crafts and other group experiences..."  in addition to their schooling and therapy.  The facility has dogs, a pig, cats, and more.  Sharon says, "Girls are given the opportunity to just be kids."

On-site staff and their families have successfully provided services for 80 girls over a period of nine years.  The average stay is 15 months with the longest being 5 years.  The girls stay as long as they choose to stay.

The New Day for Children website explains, "Our girls live in a loving, nurturing family-like environment, where they have a hope of recovering their lost childhood and building trust."  It also says, "The girls have the opportunity and joy of serving others who, like themselves, have experienced great challenges in their lives. They move beyond victim mode to seeing themselves as persons of dignity, with something valuable and unique to contribute to society."

I'm so glad this organization is helping trafficked girls regain their lives but at the same time I am so very sad that it's a work that even needs to be done.  Learn more about their work at

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10/31/18 Breaking News: 

The Anchor House opens as the only licensed shelter for male survivors of child sex trafficking in the U. S.

According to a story on, "...Anna and Chris Smith have founded the ministry Restore One which has opened a faith-based shelter designed specifically for boys aged 12-18 who have been victims of sex trafficking. They're now offering The Anchor House, a licensed, North Carolina-based shelter for boys who need a place to stay to receive holistic care. The non-profit offers the shelter at no charge. "Kids will stay with us as long as they need," she said. That could range from one to two years."  Click here to read more.


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