Make a difference this year - buy one or more fair-trade Christmas gifts

Challenge: Put ethically produced gifts on your Christmas gift list this year!

A google search for "ethical shopping guide" yielded a number of great suggestions for fair trade shopping ideas.  At the top of the list was Catholic Relief Services.  Their website states, "Live your faith.  Consume with your conscience."  They say, "Our faith asks us to respect the dignity of work, God’s people and His creation. Understanding the impact of our purchases and consumption helps ensure our choices don’t harm others or the environment."

In our consumer oriented society, Catholic Relief Services challenges people of faith to take a distinctly different approach.  They say, "A faith-filled approach would be to buy only the things you truly need, and even then, to purchase ethically produced products. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I fulfilling a need or a want with my purchase?

  • Will the product bring joy to my life or someone else’s?

  • Will my purchase affect positive change?

  • Did making the product cause undue harm to the environment?

  • Will the product make a positive contribution to my life/society as a whole?

  • Who made the product and where is it from? What is their life like?

  • How can I keep from overindulging?"

Catholic Relief Services is, of course, coming from a faith-based perspective but all of us - whether people of faith or not - can ask ourselves the same questions. And all people can help elevate human dignity with concious consumer choices. 

Take two minutes to watch  "The Power Behind Your Purchase"  then check outthese kitchen, fashion, comfort, home, and entertaining gift ideas at the Catholic Relief Services Ethical Trade Holiday Gift Guide.

Happy shopping!

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"Comfort & Joy" 

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