How busy people can fight trafficking

At a Hope4Justice presentation yesterday, we gave information and encouraged people to get involved in the fight.  We wrapped up with a list of things busy people could do -- involving little time or money -- to make a difference.

Here are some suggestions to weave anti-trafficking efforts into your life:

  • Put a weekly recurring reminder in your phone calendar to take action against trafficking.
  • Are you a member of a book club?  Next time your group picks a book, make it one about trafficking.  Made in the USA: The Sex Trafficking of America's Children by Alisa Jordheim is one suggestion.
  • Do you hold an annual garage sale?  At the next one you might earmark a percentage of funds raised to donate to an organization fighting trafficking.
  • Would you like to help Engedi?  Make a choice to forego just one of your Woods or Starbucks coffees each week then use the money to pick up an item to donate to their safe house.  Visit the Engedi website for a list of suggested items.
  • Wear your Hope4Justice t-shirt!  It's sure to start a conversation about trafficking and how to fight it!  Don't have a Hope4Justice t-shirt?  If you're on our weekly email list, contact us at  for a free t-shirt (while supplies last).

Everyone -- even busy people -- can do something to fight trafficking. And a lot of small efforts add up to make a BIG difference.  (For an example, see info on Dressember below.)

Do you have anti-trafficking ideas to share?  I'd love to hear them!  Email me at  
Sue Ann

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Have you been reading Dana's blog about going to Cambodia to volunteer with AIM?  We've featured or given links to Days 1-4 in previous emails. Day 5 of her blog is another raw and real look into her experiences, shattering my heart for the vulnerable and exploited persons living there. Read the post for day 5 HERE.  It's not an easy read but as Dana says in the conclusion to her blog: "Cry if you have to.  But please don't turn away. But please stay and fight. We need you."
The next Hope4Justice quarterly public meeting will be on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 from 7-8:30 pm.  It will be a film night featuring the movie, "The Abolitionists.  Location to be determined.  Put it on your calendar now and watch for details in future weekly emails. 


Here's a final update on theDressember effort to raise funds for anti-trafficking.  Dressemberparticipant Karen M. shares the following information:

Dressember 2017 raised over $1,993,000!  These funds will be used to fund grants focusing on the following three targets:

With average Dressember participants raising around $200, that means A LOT OF PEOPLE DID THEIR PART to reach almost $2,000,000 total!