In Eastern Washington...Mirror Ministries reaches out to trafficked women and girls in the Tri-Cities area

Services are limited in the United States for the number of trafficking victims that need them.  Even so, we have several excellent organizations in Washinton State that are diligently working to help survivors.  One of these is Mirror Ministries, located in the Tri-Cities area of Eastern Washington.

The goal of Mirror Ministries is "...that every survivor we serve will one day be able to look in the mirror and see reflected back a person of inherent dignity and worth. Mirror Ministries advocates come alongside survivors of sex trafficking and help them see themselves the way God created them rather than the way they have been treated."

Sharaya, Human Trafficking Advocate for Mirror Ministries writes this blog post: "Patience and endurance are important strengths to acquire when working with sex trafficking victims. It often takes time to build a healthy relationship with them and it takes patience to help them get back up when they stumble time and time again.  

Lux* is a client I have worked with for several years, watching her stumble repeatedly in her young life. Tri-Cities was not a healthy or safe place for her to live anymore, so we ended up moving her to a safe restoration home in a larger city where she could obtain more housing services. 

...It has not been an easy few years, but God is good! Lux ended up being baptized and loves God with all her heart. She said just the other day that she wished she would have listened to my advice years ago because it would have saved her from a lot of heartache. But she thanks God that He put me in her life and that I never gave up on her."  

We applaud the efforts of Mirror Ministries: persisting, being patient, not giving up, showing His love to others.  Well done.                                                                                                                                     

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(Note: The information below is borrowed from the  Mirror Ministries website.)  

Your imagination is the limit for education events about human trafficking! You can host a documentary and discussion, hold a prayer meeting, invite a speaker, create a book club, or anything you can dream up! See recommendations below for documentaries.  

Recommended Documentaries:


Start Something to End Trafficking by David Trotter

You’re aware of human trafficking. Now what? Whether you’re passionate about ending forced labor or sex trafficking, you can start “something” – a project, event, campaign, or organization – to help end trafficking in our world. You have the ability to rally friends, family, or your entire community to accomplish something world-changing. Whether it’s putting on a fundraiser, hosting an awareness event, launching a new initiative at your university, or starting a fair trade business, you have access to all the resources you need to get started.

Designed for college students, 20-somethings, and anyone passionate to help end human trafficking.

(Information from Mirror Ministries website.)

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