Thoughts on sex tourism

"It takes time, money & effort to buy a human's body."

Dana P. and her husband traveled to Cambodia last spring to be involved in the fight against sex trafficking.  As they spent the first hour in Cambodia dealing with paperwork before being allowed into the county, Dana's thoughts went from the long flight to the reality of sex trafficking. In her blog she says,"...the awareness that this is where people would fly to buy cheap sex or to illegally buy a child, seemed so crazy to me.  But it occurred to me, that men who come here for sex - wasn’t by accident. It is well planned. It has to be."

Dana says, "It takes time, energy, planning, waiting, paying, processing, and execution to come here. Especially, if you are from America or Europe. As the levels of progression to get into the country are extensive and the hours are long. What you need to understand is that it takes time, money, and effort to buy a human's body, to rape the soul.

I started to understand that people who are involved with Sex Trafficking go down an avenue that has many stops. It takes a lot effort to do this. Even if you are tempted to believe that being involved with Sex Trafficking with an underage child is a random kind of thing.

But that's not really true. 
It can't be. 
It is well planned out."

It's easy to gloss over the reality of sex trafficking.  Dana's comments underline the gritty details.  She goes on to share facts about supply & demand, who the buyers are, and the billions of dollars that are made each year from selling children.  

It's a difficult read but the reality for trafficked victims is so much more difficult.  We can't become complacent about this issue.  We can't give up because the numbers of those trafficked are in the millions.  

Dana tells of listening to Mark Kadel, Executive Director of Rebound, who said, "What number do you need to see to make it real to you? What number do you need to see, for you to care?  And then he finished with, "... is it One?"

"You see. For One person, we should care.
For One person in Slavery, we should care.
For One person, who is being mistreated and sold, should be enough for us to stand up for their Freedom..."

I agree.  One person enslaved is one person too many.  Let's do what we can to free that one person -- and then the next one -- and the next. 

Until all are free,
Sue Ann

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What can you do?

At this time of year, people are focused on Christmas and end-of-year decisions.  Although life is busy, you can still integrate efforts against trafficking by:

  • Purchasing fairly traded chocolate bars, coffee, and tea for stocking stuffers!
  • Consider donating to an anti-trafficking organization before December 31st.


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