"Dressember?" What's that??


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Sometimes people come up with crazy ideas -- ideas that gain attention, ideas that others can support and buy into, ideas that start a movement. 

That's Dressember.

It involves pledging to wear a dress or a bow tie every day for the month of December "...to bring awareness and collect donations to end slavery and sex trafficking. Donations fund life-saving work through [Dressember] partners: International Justice Mission and A21."

The Dressember site explains how this movement came to be: "In 2005, our founder Blythe Hill began hearing about the issue of sex trafficking. Despite her deep sense of urgency to help, she felt helpless. She wasn't a lawyer or a doctor or a social worker; her interests and talents were in fashion, trend analysis, and blogging. She didn't think she had much to offer to the fight, until four years later."

"In 2009, Blythe challenged herself to wear a dress every day of December (hence: Dressember). The next year, a few friends joined in. By the third year, her friends' friends began to participate, and it occurred to Blythe that there was more to this challenge than she originally thought. By 2013, the movement blossomed into something completely unexpected - an international campaign to aid the fight against sex trafficking." 
(Hear Blythe's TED Talk about Dressember HERE -- scroll to bottom of page.)

In less than four years, Dressember advocates have raised over $3 million, committing to increasing global awareness and eradication of slavery and sex trafficking.  Dressember provides a way for ordinary people going about their daily lives to become involved in the fight against human trafficking. 

Since one third of December is over, you may want to make a note on your 2018 calendar to sign up next year.  However, you can still be involved this year by supporting Hope4Justice member, Karen, with any size donation.  Click HERE to link to her Dressember page.

I'm going to make a donation.  Will you?
Sue Ann

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