Rebecca Bender: Lured in by a trafficker

Rebecca Bender was an all-American 18-year old who fell for the lies of a trafficker.  She was trafficked for nearly six years before escaping via an FBI bust. 

She has since become a well known writer, speaker, and founder of the Rebecca Bender Initiative (RBI).   She says, "I believe that everyone, every human being, is born for greatness. However, somewhere along our journeys, some of us have been targeted and exploited, even lured away with false promises to reach those dreams. I know first-hand what that is like and after escaping, I still had that burning desire to find out why I had lived when others had died. On my journey to find it, I met many other men, women and children just like me: mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. We were all on a journey to figure out what that greatness was and could be."

Watch Rebecca's story here.  It's a wake-up call that underlines the need for educating our young people about sex trafficking and the lies and lures of traffickers.

Sue Ann
(Thanks to Becca for sharing information about Rebecca  Bender and RBI.)

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Shared Hope recently held their JuST Conference, an inspiring 3-day event featuring presentations and workshops about today's most pressing issues in the anti-trafficking field.  

For an amazing resource list of people and organizations involved in the fight against trafficking -- and a springboard from which to investigate more about a specific topic  Click here to access the conference schedule.  Be sure to scroll down to the speaker descriptions. 

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