Sue Ann Heutink, President


Then He lead her to become involved in fighting human trafficking with an organization called ‘Made By Survivors.’  “I didn’t know anyone who was doing anything to fight trafficking,” says Sue Ann.  “But I felt I had to get involved somehow – to literally DO SOMETHING about trafficking – so I began to sell products made by trafficking survivors at home parties and craft fairs.  In 2010, Sue Ann and other supporters of Made By Survivors traveled to Calcutta, India to visit survivors of trafficking.

In 2011, after IJM founder Gary Haugen spoke at CTK Bellingham, Sue Ann was asked to head a Community Group of people at Christ the King Community Church who were interested in fighting human trafficking.  That group eventually became known as Hope4Justice. 

Sue Ann works to increase awareness about all aspects of human trafficking.  She has sold products and spoken to college classes, community groups, and church groups.  She has mentored senior project students, promoted STEP scholarships, met with people wanting to know how they can get involved with the anti-trafficking cause, and has worked both behind the scenes and on the stage at anti-trafficking events.  She also volunteers with Engedi Refuge Ministries on a regular basis.

Sue Ann says, “I didn’t expect God to put this cause on my heart but He did and I am compelled to do what I can to fight the evil of human trafficking.  I am honored to be able to volunteer with Hope4Justice and work with other modern day abolitionists.”

She and her husband Rocky enjoy hosting friends and family for year-round barbecues, and babysitting their 5 grandchildren.  Sue Ann also works part time as a Registration Advisor at Whatcom Community College.  When not busy with one of the aforementioned items, Sue Ann is probably reading a good book or working on a project at home.