Public Meeting Minutes

Hope4Justice Public Meeting Minutes 4/18/17

7:00 - 7:10    Greetings & Prayer – Betty

7:10-7:30      Explanation/Discussion About Sectors-SueAnn

     List of Sectors

·         Community Groups

·         Government

·         Faith Community

·         Social/Health Services

·         Businesses

·         Education

·         Law Enforcement

7:30-7:35       H4J Priority Sector List for now-SueAnn

·         Businesses

·         Education

·         Government

7:35-8:00      Guidelines for Sector Projects-SueAnn

·         Must focus on H4J Mission Statement Awareness, Advocacy, Intervention

·         Guidelines

·         Establish Vision, Mission, Purpose of Sector Project

·         Establish procedures and protocols for Sector Project

·         Determine key players

·         Take baseline data that shows need for Sector Project (Pre-data)

·         Create a timeline

·         Decide on Action Event or Action Activity

·         Plan a Budget

·         Answer two questions

o   How will you know you have made an impact?

o   What evidence will you use to prove that the purpose has been accomplished? (Post Data)

·         Hold a Debrief Meeting

Report on Sector Project