Public Meeting Minutes

Hope4Justice Public Meeting Minutes – 5/16/17

7:00-7:10       Greetings & Prayer – Betty

7:10-7:15       T-shirts given to visitors

7:30-7:35       Survey-Role of FBI in fighting Human Trafficking

7:35-8:15       Introduction of Guest Speaker, FBI Agent, Shannon Meyer

8:15-8:30       Role of FBI In Fighting Human Trafficking

§  Social justice

§  Threats in our area: Border, Bellingham, Statewide due to I-5 and I-90 highway systems traveling track

§  Focus of talk: Child sexual exploitation

§  Task Forces: of the 56 national task forces, only 16 are addressing human trafficking

§  Solutions to help prevent trafficking: Early childhood education; Support for young mothers; Healthy Child protection system; send pimps to prison

§  Examples of local apprehension of victims, all trafficked by organized crime; some feel that adult victims have a choice but that children do not have a choice

§  Victims have legal rights as well as moral and ethical rights

§  FBI agents must answer to the case when it goes to court; community members can advocate for victims

§  So action steps

·         Coordinated community response with all agencies at the same table open to having honest and respectful conversations

o   Need to have a person who can make decisions and policy

o   Local law enforcement

o   Healthcare

o   Mental health care

o   All of us have a part to play

·         If we hear “chatter” contact

·         Help others understand when working with diverse groups that it is not just language, but culture and be aware of the culture to bridge the gap

8:30-8:40     Questions & Answers

8:40-8:45      Post Survey