Public Meeting Minutes

Hope4Justice Public Meeting Minutes - 3/21/17

7:00 - 7:05    Greetings & Prayer – Betty

7:05 - 7:20  "Why I'm involved with Hope4Justice" - personal story by Karen Marion 

7:20 - 7:35  Debrief March 1st Event: 3rd Annual Human Sex Trafficking Conference-Sue Ann

·         Attendees shared what they learned

·         All agreed that it was a powerful event and are hopeful that the Nordic Model will become more widespread, including in Whatcom County

7:35 – 8:20 Continued discussion/brainstorming of Hope4Justice Community Sectors Model – lead by Sue Ann

·         Hope4Justice is currently planning follow through via the Seven Sector Model

·         The Seven Sector Model involves Education, Law Enforcement, Community Groups, Business, Government, Faith Community, Social and Health Services.

·         Government Sector: Whatcom County Council Executive, Jack Louws

o   Breanne and Lisa met with Mr. Louws 2/28/17

o   It was clear that our county leaders need to work together so each sector knows what the other sectors are doing

o   We brainstormed about whether H4J should gather the sectors together and facilitate this

·         We would invite the DVSAS, police departments, sheriff Elfo, Bellingham Police Chief Cook

·         We will invite the local Task Force to join us

·         We could ask Washington Engage to train police officers

·         We need to present to these County leaders how Seattle implemented the Nordic Model

8:20-8:25 Human Trafficking Information Guide and Resource Directory

·         compiled by the Champions Foundation and Pierce County Anti-trafficking Network

·         completed June 2016

·         excellent resources that we will be using for our mobilization plan through the Seven Sector Model

·         posted on our Hope4Justice website under the Resources Folder

8:20-8:30 Next steps

·         Sue Ann- Send out an email asking for more brainstorming ideas using the Human Trafficking Information Guide and Resource Directory

·         Invite two guests to the next meeting