Public Meeting Minutes

Hope4Justice Public Meeting Minutes - 2/21/17

7:00 - 7:05 Greetings & Prayer – Sue Ann

7:05 - 7:20 "Why I'm involved with Hope4Justice" - personal story by Bob Gist 

7:20 - 7:35  Video Clip: Nordic Model – lead by Bob Gist

7:35 - 7:45  Wrap up of outreach efforts for the conference on 3/1/17 -  lead by Sue Ann

7:45 - 8:30  Hope4Justice community sectors model for involvement -  lead by Sue Ann

1.    Introduced Hope4Justice Community Sectors Model for involvement: Seven sectors: Education, Law Enforcement, Community Groups, Business, Government, Faith Community, Social & Health Services

2.    Discussion guided by three questions:

a.    What is Hope4Justice doing (or has done) in this sector?

b.    What are other groups doing in this sector?

c.    Ideas/brainstorming what else could be done in this sector.

3.    Group discussion of Education and Law Enforcement Sectors.

a.    Notes taken will be emailed to attendees and available to others by request or at the next meeting.

4.    Will continue discussion of remaining sectors at next meeting on 3/21/17.

 5.    Videos and books: Attendees checked out items they were interested in.

6.    Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.  Next meeting on 3/21/17.

Submitted by Sue Ann Heutink, President; Karen Marion, Secretary unable to attend due to illness