KIRO News report: New Resource for Victims

KIRO News report on website that will "give people a lifeline"

In 2018, the Washington State Attorney's office unveiled a "new website to give people a lifeline - and a way out of human trafficking.  The site was built in partnership with several agencies from King County and the state, and features downloadable resources, information, and a calendar of anti-trafficking events." 

Attorney General Bob Ferguson says, “We’re excited about it. We heard from individuals and survivors (that) what was really needed was one place for folks to go that provided all sorts of information of services they may need.”  

Kyra Doubek, co-founder of Survivor Impact Group, believes the website will be helpful.   Kyra " to fight sex trafficking - and get people out of that life - because she knows what it was like. And she knows who gets pulled in.

"This is not like this is something that happens to people that are necessarily bad," she said. "It happens to people that are vulnerable."

She hopes that through more outreach like this, that she can help make that difference. “I wish somebody would have told me that I'Il believe you and I'm going to help you,'" Doubek said.

The state of Washington is a leader in efforts to fight trafficking, including passing laws, conducting Nanny Net stings, having multiple agencies work together to develop resources like this website, and more.  

Well done, Washington!  Well done!

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The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) reports on victories in the fight!

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) works tirelessly to effect change in the dark world of sexual exploitation.  An email from NCOSE on 1/7/19  touted the following major victories they have been instrumental in securing:

  • "Snapchat, the most popular social media app among teens, removed the function known as Snapcash. This feature allowed users to send money to each other. Snapcash was largely used to pay for prostitution and pornography on the platform. Snapchat also enabled in-app reporting so that users can finally report abusive and sexually explicit behavior."

  • NCOSE also says, "In our long back-and-forth with Google over the years, one thing we have asked for is that they make their built-in filter, called Safe Search, much more visible.   Google agreed to make the change and have now placed it in the top right of Google Images. Considering that a search of the word “sex” returns countless images of hardcore pornography in a fraction of a second, we count this as a great step forward. More users will now know the filter is available to them."

  • The third victory involves the United States Navy!  NCOSE reports, "For several years, we have made a sustained effort to reduce sexual exploitation in the United States military. In 2013, Army and Air Force bases stopped the sale of pornographic magazines at on-base exchanges after advocacy efforts from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. However, the Navy was slow to make this change. NCOSE recently learned that the Navy has indeed stopped selling pornographic magazines on their bases! This action will help prevent the rise of sexually hostile environments within our military."

Kudos to NCOSE on these positive steps against sexual exploitation.