IJM Prayer Requests

“He rescues and saves; he performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth.”

— Daniel 6:27


  • Pray for the stabilization of the public justice system in Uganda.Prosecutor strikes in 2017 made it challenging to provide relief to victims of land theft, as hearings couldn't take place and an IJM initiative to introduce plea bargaining was delayed. Thankfully, the strikes ended in mid-December. Pray that the courts would continue to move cases forward and that widows and orphans would not have to wait long for justice.

Latin America

  • Praise God for the patience and perseverance of our team in the Dominican Republic as they serve survivors of sex trafficking. On January 22, seven traffickers were sentenced to jail — two of the perpetrators were given 10 years, the maximum time for this crime. This strong conviction is a huge victory for our team, as this ruling concludes the first case IJM took in the Dominican Republic, dating back to 2014 when 13 minors were rescued. Let this testimony of praise be an encouragement for you that even when things take longer than we want/plan, justice can prevail!

South Asia

  • Please pray for several teams in South Asia as they prepare for their first rescues of the year. Often it takes some time for local authorities to gain momentum in the new year, so pray that IJM will build strong cases that will drive these authorities to take action. Pray for protection for our teams as they investigate slavery and sex trafficking cases, and pray that they could quickly mobilize the police on behalf of the oppressed. Ask God for this to be another groundbreaking year of rescue for IJM in South Asia!

Southeast Asia

  • Pray for a number of citizenship applications that are being processed in one district in Chiang Mai. These applications have been pending for as long as six years, while vulnerable people wait for their legal right to citizenship to be recognized. Without citizenship, stateless people are not protected by any law, are often denied access to medical care or education and cannot work or travel outside their district. Pray that district officials swiftly approve these applications and affirm their rightful citizenship.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM has partner offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.K.

  • Please continue to pray for The New Activist Podcast — now in partnership with the RELEVANT Podcast Network. The show features conversations with leaders tackling some of the world’s biggest humanitarian issues. Pray that it would rally people across the globe to step into the fight against slavery and injustice.