Tattoo artists lend their skills to help trafficking survivors

It's interesting to see how people are using their time and unique talents to help combat trafficking.  More and more they are figuring out ways to combine their every day work and expertise with anti-trafficking efforts.  A recent article on highlights a married couple, Jim and Devon Mellor, who are tattoo artists at 3 Ravens in Athens, Georgia.  They are offering their services to cover the tattoos  that sex trafficking survivors received while they were being trafficked.   

The article says, "According to the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Partners for Vulnerable Youth, sex trafficking victims are sometimes forced to get a tattoo that indicates they belong to a certain pimp.

“These marks carry through long after someone is lucky enough to be liberated from that life,” Devon said. “It’s the last thing that someone who’s struggling to go from being trafficked to get on their feet is going to have money for or put money toward."

For Devon, providing free cover-up tattoos is her way of supporting survivors and help them move on from this part of their lives.  “It’s like therapy,” Devon said. “It’s a physical expression of a lot of the emotional stuff that’s going on inside their head that can’t get out. It’s a very physical, visual transformation.”

Jim has seen this as a life-changing experience for some clients.  “[The mark] takes away someone’s self-value ... and when you take the tag away, everything changes,” Jim said.

While you and I may not be able to cover a tattoo, we can use our time and talents in our own unique way to fight trafficking.

Let's do it!


Take Action Now: Shared Hope asks for help in freeing Cyntoia Brown

A December 21, 2018 email from Shared Hope says, "We are using the last weeks of 2018 to seek justice for a survivor of child sex trafficking and we need your help!  We are confronted with a critical opportunity to advocate for the release of Cyntoia Brown, who at 16 years of age, was convicted of first degree murder after, in self-defense, she shot and killed the man who purchased her for sex.   Please sign our petition requesting that Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam grant clemency to Cyntoia Brown." (Click here to read more and sign the petition.)

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