Current Anti-trafficking Efforts

Anti-trafficking efforts

Though there's a lot of evil going on in the world of trafficking, there are also good anti-trafficking efforts happening:  Awareness is increasing.  More procedures to identify trafficking situations are being implemented.  More and more people are learning how to take action against trafficking as they go about their daily lives.

Some recent news articles about anti-trafficking efforts include the following:

  • The Houston Chronicle reported on 11/30/18  that spotting victims of human trafficking is now part of training at Texas Medical Center.  The article says, "The new push in the medical center and in healthcare institutions around the nation is based on the premise that interventions in such settings can represent a lifeline to victims."

  • The 12/4/18 issue of the Daily Signal says there is only one sure way to stop sex trafficking in America: we have to end demand.  Kevin Malone, retired former manager and executive vice president of the Los Angeles Dodgers, decided to get involved in the fight by co-founding the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking.  Its flagship program, TraffickingFree Zone, "...advocates a zero-tolerance policy against sex buying by raising public awareness, using advertising, and using social media campaigns to reach buyers online, and mobilizing churches, health care providers, employers, judges, and others against sex trafficking. More, it shows an organization’s commitment to taking a public stand against this plight."  Read more here.

  • Minnesota hotel workers are now required to get training in sex trafficking prevention.  A  Fox news post of Nov. 1, 2018 says, "The law requires all hotel and motel employees to be trained in recognizing the crime. The training must be completed by Nov. 28. After that date, all new employees must be trained within 90 days of hire." 

As more people understand the issue and join in the fight, more victims are helped and more potential victims are kept from exploitation.  Let's keep working together against this evil.

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Check out this organization!

Truckers Against Trafficking is a 501 (c)(3) that exists to educate, equip, empower and moblize member of the trucking and travel plaza industry to combat domestic sex trafficking.    Their goals are to:

  • Saturate trucking and related industries with TAT (Truckers Against Trafficking) materials

  • Partner with law enforcement and government agencies to facilitate the investigation of human trafficking

  • Marshal the resources of our partners to combat this crime

Truckers Against Trafficking is doing great things!  Check them out at www.truckersagainst or find them on facebook and share their information with a trucker you know.