Rebound Prayer Requests

Pray for wisdom going into our highest need time for financial support.  Pray that God will speak to those who have means to give financially to support Rebound.

For a Roots mom whose 1 year old son is in ICU at Children's Hospital, suffering from a critical case of croup.  That God's healing hand would be upon this little boy, and the peace of the Holy Spirit would comfort the family.

Pray for a homeless couple who attend Roots and are expecting a child - that resources would become available soon, allowing them to find housing.  Without housing, they will have to relinquish the child to CPS.

Pray for a Nooksack Valley family - dad did time in prison, and is now doing all he can to get his kids back.  The children were given up by their mother to their maternal grandparents, who would like to prevent dad from having involvement with them.  Pray for a volunteer to facilitate supervised visits.

For all of our families - holidays are a difficult time for people who have experienced, or are experiencing, trauma.  It is a time when isolation is exaggerated by the expectations of our society.

Pray for the dynamic of the Roots volunteers in Nooksack Valley, that they would continue to bond between themselves, and with the kiddos they are serving.

Please pray for Comfort & Joy - that this important fundraiser would successfully raise the money Rebound needs to run our Roots programs, which have now expanded into three areas.