In Lynden this week

Making a difference by sharing what she's learned  

It's as simple as this: Jennifer Custis attended a presentation about trafficking of young people.  She was impacted and wanted others in our community to learn what she had learned so she arranged for speakers and organized a meeting. 

That meeting, titled "Protective Parenting & Human Trafficking Awareness Night"  will be held in the Family Room at NCCTK, 1816 18th St., Lynden, WA on Friday, May 24 from 6:30-8:00 pm --and you're invited!

This is exactly what Hope4Justice hopes everyone will do when they learn about human trafficking:  learn then increase awareness by sharing with others.  Out of her concern about the issue of human trafficking, Jenn is spreading the word and hopes that those who attend will be empowered to protect vulnerable young people from sexual exploitation. 

Way to go, Jennifer!

See details below and click here to rsvp.  See you there!

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