It was really, really good!

If you missed it, you missed out!

The Protective Parenting & Human Trafficking Awareness Night last Friday, 5/24/19 was super informative and interesting!  

Over 50 attendees were armed with information about trafficking and protective parenting ideas at Friday night's event.  Organized by foster parent Jennifer Custis, the evening featured Aaron Newcomb, co-founder of Engedi Refuge Ministries, Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo, Josh Parriera from International Saints & Abolitionists, as well as the showing of “Chosen" - a video produced by Shared Hope International which tells the true story of two All American teens and how they were tricked into being trafficked.

First on the evening's agenda, Jennifer explained her passion to increase awareness of sex trafficking.  Next,  Aaron shared statistics about sex trafficking, factors that increase vulnerability, and how traffickers recruit and groom young people.  Sheriff Elfo then talked about sex offenders in Whatcom County and how much time deputies spend investigating child sexual exploitation.  He told about a December 2017 sting operation where, in response to an online ad, 20 men were arrested when they showed up to have sex with 13 and 14 year-olds.  Following Sheriff Elfo, Josh gave current  information about young people, including stats on exposure to porn, numbers of teens that are sexting, and apps and video games to watch out for.  He then shared excellent ideas regarding what parents can do to protect their children in our highly sexualized culture.  Wrapping up, Aaron discussed the psychological after effects trafficking victims experience and what steps must be taken to assist them if they are going achieve any measure of recovery.

It was an excellent meeting.  Kudos to Jennifer for organizing and making it happen!  

Would you like to have a similar meeting in your town, your church, or your school district?  Let's do it!