IJM Prayer Request

“To do what is right and just is more acceptable to our Lord than sacrifice.”

— Proverbs 21:3


Pray for the Coalition of NGOs Against Trafficking in Ghana (CNACT). This group of organizations has the potential to streamline efforts and provide encouragement, support and learning that will benefit all organizations working to end slavery in Ghana. Pray for good cooperation between members, and willingness to work together for a better future for children in Ghana. Learn more in our 2018 Mid-Year Report.

Latin America

Last month, we shared about securing a 20-year sentence against a German national for sexually exploiting minors in the Dominican Republic. This month, we’re praising God that this man was stopped at the border last week as he tried to flee the country to escape his sentence! INTERPOL officials intercepted him while trying to cross to the Haitian border and brought him back to face justice. Please pray that the new authorities designated to his case would enforce the sentence our team helped secure against him, and that he will not be granted bail again.

South Asia

Please pray for success in our aftercare programs for families rescued from bonded labor slavery. Our two-year program helps them resettle in their homes after rescue, find dignified work, get their children in school, and learn life skills to equip them for the future. We also teach them how to evaluate job offers so they do not get re-trafficked. Pray that the families rescued this year would thrive in this program, and that survivors would feel hopeful and equipped for the future.

Southeast Asia

Continue to pray for trafficking survivors in Cambodia who are rebuilding their lives in freedom. Many Cambodians migrate for work, yet many become deceived and enslaved by complex, international trafficking networks. Once survivors return home, they face the same lack of opportunity that caused them to migrate in the first place. Pray for strong aftercare services across Cambodia that can provide meaningful opportunities for employment and will empower survivors with sustainable livelihoods.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM headquarters is located in the United States. IJM has international advancement offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Please pray for the new staff members, interns and fellows who will be joining us for orientation in early June. Thank God for bringing these talented men and women to join our team, and pray for strength and joy as they prepare to attend orientation. In particular, please pray for the team members who will be moving internationally for their positions. Pray for smooth logistics and physical and emotional stamina as they arrive in the field.

Happenings in Washington State

Happenings in Washington State:

At Sea-Tac airport:  

The Port of Seattle has posted numerous posters around SeaTac Airport that say, "This airport is a safe place," to help raise awareness about reporting sexual assault. One of the posters in a women's restroom has received a lot of "graffiti", with many women writing on it. The "graffiti" messages say:

I will believe you!  
You are loved.
If no phone, tell someone in this restroom
Ask for help. A woman will!
There is nothing wrong with you! You are not Crazy. Believe that.
Tell someone.
Be the best you!
Don’t bend down to any man!!!
You deserve to be respected.
You deserve to be safe.

Let's pray that victims are encouraged by the posters and graffiti and take steps to end their exploitation.

Betty Be Good store in Lynden
Official opening on May 19, 2019

Suzanne Smith, owner of Betty Be Good Boutiques, has combined her passion for fashion with her desire to make a difference in anti-trafficking efforts.  Her website says that Betty Be Good Boutiques,"... give 2% of daily sales to a fund called Betty’s Liberty Closet. This fund clothes survivors of human trafficking in recovery at Deborah’s Gate in Vancouver and Engedi Refuge in the PNW. "  (Click here to read the full story.)

Already in Bellingham and Birch Bay, the trendy boutique held a "pre-opening party"  for their new Lynden store on May 9th, with the official opening to take place on May 19th.  We encourage you to check it out, knowing that your fashion dollars support trafficking survivors when you shop!

Legislation in Washington State
Sarah from Shared Hope sent out this email  on 5/9/19:

"I want to share great news with you from this spring! Senate Bill 5885 was signed into law! This bill strengthens courtroom protections for child survivors of sex trafficking. This law will allow a child's out of court statements related to the victimization to be brought in as evidence for prosecution."

Washington State continues to be a leader in the nation when it comes to legislation about human trafficking.  Well done!

Local Requests: You may be able to help!

Action step against trafficking:  Let's get the word out!  After reviewing the requests below, pass them on to others for consideration.

Request from Engedi Refuge Ministries

I would like to take an opportunity to reach out and let you know about our need for housing staff at the Engedi safe house.  We are in a season of change. Our House Manager has resigned, so we are looking for a new live in manager or looking at the possibility of staffing it with part-time shift staff.  We are looking for a mature single woman who feels called to minister full time. If you or someone you know may be interested, please call Lea at 360-922-7600 or email her at  engedi.refuge@gmail.com for a complete job description.

Thank you!!!
Lea Newcomb, Executive Director Engedi Refuge Ministries

Request from International Saints & Abolitionists

Assist us in booking our upcoming tour!

We are headed to WA DC in June for the annual National Center on Sexual Exploitation conference, NCOSE Summit. We are hosting a booth to assist in influencing and educating leaders in sex trafficking prevention. We also have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders from around the world about how to help eradicate Sex Trafficking.

After the conference we are traveling (June 16-30) back to Washington State across the US. We will be stopping at various cities to educate the body of Christ on sex trafficking prevention. We are lining up speaking engagements now!

What do we need from you?  If you live or know someone in the top half of the US that would help us by hosting a Sex Trafficking Prevention Night, please let us know ASAP so that we can line it up and get the information to the appropriate people!  Contact Josh at JP@saintsandabolitionists.com

Want to learn more about the face of modern-day slavery? Visit http://www.hope4justice.org/the-facts/ 


Something to think about:

The average lifespan of a sex trafficking victim is 7 years from the time the trafficking begins. If a child is trafficked at 13, she is likely to be dead before her 20th birthday. Say a prayer today for all the mothers in our community and around the world grieving their lost children.

(Facebook post by Mirror Ministries, 5/5/2019)


A nationwide training program is focused on truck drivers as a means to stop sex trafficking. That training is now taking place in Nebraska. 

4/11/19 Truckers Against Trafficking Facebook post says, "900 people are purchased for sex every month – and that’s just in Nebraska.

Truckers Against Trafficking is doing something about it.  

The organization launches its Nebraska chapter this month with a day-long training for all Nebraska State Patrol officers who overlap or work with commercial vehicles in Grand Island.

The group enlists truckers to call out suspicious activity they see and equips them with the necessary tools to do so. Truck stops and their employees have also proven to be valuable partners in the effort to identify and stop sex trafficking.  (Read the full articleHERE.)