IJM Prayer Request

“‘Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,’ declares the Lord.”

— Jeremiah 1:8


Pray for more aftercare partners and available space for children rescued in Ghana this year. Our dream is to rescue as many children as possible out of slavery in the fishing industry, but we cannot do this if we do not have a safe place for them to recover. Pray for the ability to identify good partners who will provide the environment these children need to heal.

Latin America

Pray for a series of trainings happening in the coming weeks and months in Guatemala. Our team will advise judges and prosecutors on alternative ways to gather key evidence needed to prosecute cases of sexual violence that don’t require the “ocular inspection” — a practice where child survivors are asked to return to the crime scene and re-tell their abuse as part of the investigation. Pray for IJM staff to find favor among the training attendees. Ask God to prepare the prosecutors’ and judges’ hearts to receive this advice and end this practice.

South Asia

Praise God for three successful rescue operations last weekend that brought more than 70 children, women and men to freedom! IJM supported local law enforcement and our partners in rescuing families from a brick kiln, a sugarcane farm and a coconut-fiber processing plant (where fibers are turned into ropes and mats). We were amazed to see local leaders step up boldly on behalf of these victims, and to see the victims speak up boldly themselves to share the truth in front of their oppressors! Ask for God’s blessings throughout the follow-up on these cases in the next few weeks, and for rest for the IJM teams taking part in this wave of freedom.

Southeast Asia

Please continue to pray for an ongoing trial in Thailand . The accused has allegedly trafficked Cambodian migrant workers into forced labor in the Gulf of Thailand, and he is believed to be a key player in a network of recruiters, brokers and traffickers stretching from impoverished villages across Cambodia all the way to fishing ports along Thailand’s coast. Thai authorities arrested him in 2018, and he now faces charges for his crimes. As the trial moves forward, continue to pray that his victims would receive justice, and that he would be restrained from exploiting other vulnerable workers. Pray also that this case would be a milestone in tackling this network of criminals, believed to be responsible for trafficking hundreds — possibly thousands — of vulnerable men into the fishing industry.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM headquarters is located in the United States. IJM has international advancement offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Please pray for our volunteers and advocates across the U.S. who are meeting with their elected officials this month, asking them to support legislation that can help end slavery and violence. Pray that the logistics of securing these meetings would go smoothly, and for God to give the advocates joy and clarity as they speak up for the poor and the oppressed. Please also ask God to move in the hearts of these elected officials, drawing them to use their power in the fight for justice.