Let's get the word out: Engedi needs and opportunities

Spread the word! Engedi Refuge has two positions open.

Engedi Refuge is looking for a House Manager for the Engedi House.
In summary, this is the kind of person we are looking for:

  • Minimum age of late 30's or older

  • Single, - willing/able to change careers

  • Children must be older, not dependent on mom

  • Good understanding of healthy boundaries

  • Empathetic, but not a push over

  • Steady head in a crisis, able to think well in the moment

  • Has conflict resolution skills

  • Sense of humor, able to relax and have fun

  • Reasonable domestic skills; cooking/cleaning, home management

  • Able to live full time at Engedi House

  • Someone with a missionary mindset - while it is a paid position and there is live-in compensation, it is not a huge salary

  • Must have a mature, close relationship with Jesus Christ

Obviously there is more to it than that, but if someone has these abilities, I would love to meet with you and discuss the details.  Contact Lea @  360-922-7600

2. Engedi is also looking for a live in House Monitor for one of our transitional houses.  This position is a volunteer staff position with free rent, free utilities and a monthly honorarium.  This is a good option for someone with a job, or a retired woman.  The above skill set is preferred, but there is a vast difference in responsibilities - much less.  Please call Lea if you want to know more.

--- Please pray for the persons who will fill these critical roles! ---

And... if you'd like to be a volunteer, Engedi Refuge Ministries is holding a training.

Engedi Refuge is having a training on June 28th, 6 - 9pm & June 29th, 10am - 3pm for those interested in volunteering with Engedi.  Both days are needed for volunteering.  Please call the Engedi Learning Center for more details: 360-922-7600.