IJM Prayer Request

"Never again will they hunger; never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat down on them,' nor any scorching heat. For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; 'he will lead them to springs of living water.' 'And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.'"

- Revelation 7:16-17


Pray for survivors of police brutality in Kenya as they begin to form a survivor network through local Justice Centers. These groups will bring survivors together to share their stories, support one another and lend their voices to advocate on behalf of others. Pray for this group to grow and be strengthened, and pray that the advocacy they engage in will lead to national change.

Latin America

Give thanks for Clayton and Ellen Kershaw (from the Los Angeles Dodgers), who, as part of their partnership with IJM, visited our Dominican Republic office to help bring an end to sex trafficking of children. They met with local government officials, local partners and survivors. They also used their platform in the U.S. to shine a light on this issue and ESPN recently released a clip about their visit . Please pray that as many people watch this clip and are impacted by their story, they will want to learn more about our work and join the fight for justice!

South Asia

Praise God for two simultaneous rescue operations this week that freed 42 people from modern slavery at lumber yards. A man and his son-in-law enslaved these families for years in brutal conditions at two sites, with very little food or contact with the outside world. Some of the victims literally fell to their feet begging for release when government authorities and IJM arrived. Praise God that we were able to find and rescue these families - including a two-week-old baby - and pray we can help them resettle and recover in safety. Also pray for the two suspects to be held accountable for their crimes.

Southeast Asia

The BBC recently featured the fight against cybersex trafficking of children in the Philippines on their TV, radio and online news platforms. Join us in praying that these stories would shed light on the evil of trafficking, draw attention and resources to the fight and build global momentum to shut down cybersex trafficking of children for good.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM headquarters is located in the United States. IJM has international advancement offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Praise God for survivors who are leading the justice movement in their communities and around the world. These survivors are sharing their stories and calling on governments and individuals to protect people from violence. Please ask God to pour out resilience and joy on these survivor leaders, and ask God to grant IJM wisdom as we support these survivors in the process of sharing their stories.