IJM Prayer Request

“Blessed are those who act justly, who always do what is right.”

— Psalm 106:3


Praise God that the legal cases against a group of people who threatened and assaulted a widow and her family in Uganda have resulted in convictions. Albertina, a widow living in Northern Uganda, returned home after a civil war had displaced her family from their land to find the property had been claimed by her neighbors. For years she suffered harassment, threats and assaults from the people who tried to drive her and her family off the property they depended on to survive. Please pray that the convictions in these cases will send a clear message, that Albertina’s and other widows’ vulnerability to abuse will end, and that they will be fully protected under the law. Learn more about Albertina’s story.

Latin America

Please continue praying for the church’s involvement in the work of justice and restoration in El Salvador. Pray that many congregations and parishes will partner with our team and take concrete steps to build safe spaces for victims and survivors of violence against women and children in their communities. Pray specifically for God to pour His strength, courage, compassion and commitment upon them so many can be protected and restored.

South Asia

Praise God for the successful arrest of a powerful woman who repeatedly trafficked teen girls for sex. Police had been searching for her since 2017, when a rescued victim shared how this woman trafficked her and dozens of others across the country into her network of brothels. IJM supported the investigation for the last five months and helped police finally pinpoint this woman’s location, leading to her arrest. Pray she would finally be held accountable for her crimes in court, and that other criminals would see this case as an example of the power of the law.

Southeast Asia

Praise God for another conviction in the Philippines! A young woman in Metro Cebu pled guilty to attempted trafficking in persons and possession of child pornography. She was arrested last December by agents from the Philippine National Bureau of Investigations. In the same police operation, five children, ranging from six to 15 years old, were rescued. Join us in thanking God for justice on behalf of these victims and asking Him to work in the life of this young woman as she serves her sentence.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM headquarters is located in the United States. IJM has international advancement offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Please pray for our storytelling team as they produce multiple videos with survivors in Guatemala and Ghana this summer. Ask God to pour out peace on the survivors who are sharing their stories and pray that the process of sharing would be a powerful and joyful experience for them. Please also pray for safety and smooth logistics as the team travels and that the films would inspire people to join the fight for justice.