Research: Decriminalizing prostitution increases trafficking

Contrary to claims that legalizing prostitution is the answer to the issue of sex trafficking, recently reported research showing, "Researchers from the LSE (London School of Economics and Political Study)  did a study of 150 countries and found that there’s more human trafficking where prostitution is legal/decriminalised. A study for the European Parliament came to the same conclusion, and so does economic theory."  

The article goes on to say, "When something that was previously a criminal offence is made legal, it sends out the message that society now considers the former offence to be acceptable. This invariably leads to more people engaging in that behaviour.

So, when a country decriminalises the sex trade, it is announcing that buying sexual access to other people and profiting from their prostitution are now considered acceptable. This inevitably leads to more men buying sex more frequently, and more pimps and brothel keepers wanting to get their hands on all that extra money."

Another viewpoint comes from the occasional woman who claims that 'sex work' is 'real work' and that it is something she freely chooses to do.  Perhaps it is for them.  But many prostituted women have spoken out on the "Share Your Story" page, telling of a much different experience.  This is one of those stories:  

"Is ‘sex work’ real work?

If ‘real work’ is having a 70 year-old drunk man bargaining with your ‘price’ because you won’t continue without a condom… that man getting aggressive and asking for his money back… if work is being forced to give up 50-100% of your income to a pimp… if work is being forced to have sex with men on the run from the police for domestic abuse… if work is being filmed without your consent… if work is being slapped/beaten/told you are a worthless whore…

Then yes it’s work." (Anonymous)

Click here to find more personal perspectives on "sex work."  They will break your heart and help you understand why  the Nordic Model of  helping the prostituted person and offering a way out of "the life" while prosecuting the johns and pimps is the preferred approach of Hope4Justice.  

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