Hope4Justice Book List and/or Recommended Reading

 Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy. Author: Kevin Bales.  Published: 1999, Revised 2004

Ending Slavery: How We Free Today’s Slaves.  Author: Kevin Bales. Published: 2008

**Everyday Justice: The Global Impact of Our Daily Choices.  Author: Julie Clawson.  Published: 2009

**Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry & Into The Arms of the Savior.  Author Annie Lobert.  Published: 2015

Half the Sky.  Author: Nicholas Kristhof.  Published 2009.

**In Our Backyard: A Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking In the United States.  Author: Nita Belles.  Published: 2011.

**Just Courage.  Author: Gary Haugen.  Published 2008.

**Not for Sale.  Author: David Batstone. Published: 2010

Renting Lacy: A Story of America’s Prostituted Children.  Author: Linda Smith.  Published: 2013

**Terrify No More.  Author: Gary Haugen.  Published 2005

**The Good News About Injustice: A Witness of Courage In A Hurting World.  Author: Gary Haugen.  Published 1999 & 2009.

**The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence.  Author Gary Haugen.  Published 2014.

The Slave Next Door.  Author: Kevin Bales.  Published: 2009.

**This Is No Ordinary Joy: How the Courage of Survivors Transformed My Life.  Author: Sarah Symons.   Published: 2013

Understanding Global Slavery.  Author: Kevin Bales.  Published: 2005

**Books available to borrow from Hope4Justice.  Otherwise available from the public library or for purchase on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or at other local bookstore.