IJM Prayer Request

“Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you.”

— Psalm 89:14


Pray for the team in Uganda as they transition into a unified national program to combat violence against women and children. For some of our teams, this means a change in the types of cases they are taking on, and for everyone it means learning new skills and ways of working. Pray for discernment as the team continues to narrow in on geographic scope for work. Pray for wisdom as the teams develop their strategy to work with authorities to make Uganda a country that is safe for women and children.

Latin America

Pray for IJM’s work in Guatemala protecting children from sexual violence and our engagement with key government actors to ensure perpetrators are held accountable. Pray specifically for our relationship with the Guatemalan Public Prosecutors office, as they oversee all prosecutors across the country. In the upcoming weeks, our team will be meeting with some of the key leaders within this institution to find the best ways to support them. Please pray for wisdom, creativity and clear communication to develop good working strategies, and for God’s presence in all our meetings.

South Asia

Praise God for proactive government officials who rescued five people from bonded labor slavery at a brick kiln — all without IJM’s help. In the past, many local officials denied slavery existed or refused to act when a case arose. It’s our vision to see trained authorities proactively protect the poor, so we are so thrilled to see new leaders emerging who are confronting modern slavery head-on. Pray for all the follow-up on this rescue operation, for the five survivors to resettle well in freedom and for IJM to continue encouraging government “ownership” in the fight for justice.

Southeast Asia

Praise God for rescue: 16 children are now safe! This week, through three operations across the Philippines, IJM supported police to rescue 16 children from cybersex trafficking. The rescued survivors range in age from 9 to 14 years old. Pray for IJM’s team and social workers from the Department of Social Welfare and Development as we assess whether it is safe for the children to return home. Pray for healing and restoration in these children’s lives. And finally, pray for justice — four suspects’ traffickers were arrested and face trafficking charges.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM headquarters is located in the United States. IJM has international advancement offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Please join us in prayer for our church mobilization teams around the world, both in our field office and advancement office countries. These teams are tirelessly working to embed the biblical call to justice in congregations across the globe, and to connect churches to concrete ways they can seek justice. Ask God to pour out creativity and endurance on these teams, and to move in the hearts of the congregations and church leaders they are serving.