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Wall Across Canadian Border?

Canada is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. While the Southern border with Mexico, about 2,000 miles, attracts much more attention, the 5,500-mile Northern border with Canada is the largest between two countries in the world and makes the region more vulnerable in many ways to exploitation by criminal human trafficking enterprises.  But the authorities acknowledge that they cannot say with certainty how much criminal activity occurs as a result of Northern border crossings because their means of detection are so limited. 

Each year, Border Patrol agents catch hundreds of drug smugglers and human traffickers who use the sparsely populated Canada border to bypass the agents, cameras, sensors and other electronic devices that the Department of Homeland Security has installed to make up for the lack of personnel.   Both the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and U.S. State department agree that foreign women & children, primarily from Asia, Latin America and Africa who enter Canada illegally or legally via temporary passports are subjected to sex trafficking, potentially ending up in brothels, massage parlors, or even truck stops along the Interstate 5 Corridor (Vancouver Canada, U.S. West Coast, to Tajuana Mexico). The I-5 route makes up the majority of what is referred to as the “West Coast track” for trafficking, and it is estimated that each victim traveling along the track can make their trafficker around $200,000 a year, contributing to the $150 billion global human trafficking industry. The British Columbia border, international ports, and farm work make Washington State an ideal hot spot for slavery and human trafficking.

The Canadian border may never attract the attention of the U.S. Government or Media to the extent of the Southwest border.  To help Health care providers, law enforcement officers, social workers, advocates, members of the faith community, and others who work with trafficking victims in our community, Hoe4Justice encourages you to visit our Web/Facebook page to help develop a better understanding of and effective responses to human trafficking.


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