Betty Van Dyken, Vice-President

Besides being a volunteer with Hope4Justice since 2012,  Betty helps operate the family berry farm, is committed to helping out with her grandkids and others as needed, and had been employed as a nurse for many years.

Following a back injury Betty went back to college to train for a less physical type of job.  

It was while taking an English class there that she learned about the realities and horrors of human sex trafficking.  “It was a God thing,” she said.

The instructor had offered a challenge to anyone in the class to write an essay on pornography as it related to the concept of hyper-reality (which is making something look better or more appealing than it really is).

Betty says she was thinking at the time that there was no way she was going to take on or address that subject! But then, while driving home from class that day she felt God telling her He wanted her to accept the challenge.

She said, “I sort of argued with God about it, but eventually accepted the fact that I needed to follow His direction.  It was from the research for that project that my eyes were opened to the pervasiveness of pornography,  it's connection to sex trafficking, and the prevalence of both in our world today.”

She continued, “Trafficking is happening everywhere, including in our own local communities.  I felt I needed to bring my newly acquired awareness about this horrific industry to others, and somehow ultimately help prevent children from being lured into it.”

The mission of Hope4Justice is to do just exactly that.  And since it is also locally based, it has been the perfect organization for her to connect and volunteer with.

Married for 43 years to her husband Bob, she loves having her boys, wonderful daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren living very close to her and being able to be part of all of their lives.

She enjoys reading, music, taking walks, spending time with family and friends, and being involved with her church North County Christ the King.

Her goal in life is to be a true Jesus follower and do whatever He has purposed for her to do,  which she believes includes taking part in the fight against human trafficking.